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  • Interview of Hélèna Revil in Le Monde
    from July 6, 2018 to July 7, 2018
    Why is non take up of social rights a concern ? Read more in “Les Décodeurs” on Le Monde website
  • Big data ESADA meeting in Palermo
    on the June 19, 2018
    A two days meeting has been organized in Palermo by the European Sleep apnea database (ESADA) consortium addressing the topic of "big data in Obstructive sleep apnea".
  • Emie Seyve from IAB team Slama will present the very first results of the exposome project, developed in LIFE, during the annual EGEA meeting in Paris on June 4-5 under the supervision of Valérie Siroux
  • La justice sociale est au cœur du débat entre égalité et équité en santé. Comment assurer à toutes et tous un état de santé optimal ? Est-ce en développant des solutions d’accès aux soins et aux services universelles ou ciblées envers certaines populations ? Est-ce en modifiant la répartition des ressources qui sous-tendent les inégalités sociales de santé ? Et comment détermine-t-on ce qui est juste ?

LIFE - Is MaDe of Choices

Half of middle age adults exhibit more than two concomitant chronic diseases (“multimorbidity”). The progressive aggregation of chronic diseases across lifespan is drawing original health trajectories from multimorbidity to cancer. The overall goal of LIFE project is to examine the determinants of health trajectories by capturing underestimated yet crucial contributing factors including access to care, socio-economic factors, environmental exposures and urban design.

In this project, we are developing an integrated and multidisciplinary research plan uniting biological scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, public health specialists, social scientists, urban designers and big data researchers into a common framework for developing evidence-based societal and environmental control of health trajectories and transition to cancer.