• Data Collection
    WP 1 - Structuring data collection and aggregation of transdisciplinary modulators of disease trajectories
    One of the most important shortcomings in multimorbid chronic diseases management and research is the lack of integration of social, societal and behavioral factors into the prediction of patient’s treatment responses and outcomes.
  • Epigenetics demonstration
    WP 2 - Epigenetic-proteomic discovery of biomarkers of societal and environmental impacts in patients with NAFLD
    The aggregation of risk factors associated with unhealthy societal and environmental contexts represents a cluster of exposures that modify the course of disease trajectories in a specific way.
  • Data investigation
    WP 3 - Data structuring and innovative data-driven investigations
    We aim at investigating a number of flagship scenarios that examine different facets of hypotheses on multimorbid chronic diseases trajectories.
  • Innovative solutions
    WP 4 - Translation to services development and health policy decision
    We aim to translate knowledge gain in LIFE into improved routine care, clinical research and public policies for urban design and access to care.