Innovative solutions

WP 4 - Translation to services development and health policy decision
We aim to translate knowledge gain in LIFE into improved routine care, clinical research and public policies for urban design and access to care.
Furthermore, we will develop a knowledge platform to facilitate evidence-based implementation and evaluation of innovative intervention aimed at curbing MCD trajectories. Our purpose is to create and stabilize strong links between health authorities, policy makers, innovation researchers and the project consortium for designing original prevention programs, new organizations of care pathways and facilitating industrial partnerships.


  • Valorization of sensors, connected devices, apps and biomarkers
  • Deployment of modulators relevant items in electronic medical records and research files
  • Outline and foster preparation of innovative intervention trials
  • Strategic commitee with stakeholders for impacting health care organization and urban policies
  • Blueprint for Observatory of transdisciplinary modulators of chronic diseases


  • Defining new combinations of sensors and apps to monitor transdisciplinary modulators of MCD trajectories
  • Prospectively including transdisciplinary modulators of MCD trajectories in routine clinical care and research
  • Designing innovative interventions including transdisciplinary modulators
  • Establishing a strategic committee of local and regional stakeholders to provide advice on public policies and improved access to care
  • Establishing a transdisciplinary observatory of modulators of disease trajectories


  • Pierre Hainaut (IAB)
  • Régis Guillemaud (LETI)
  • Jean-Louis Pépin (HP2)
  • Philippe Warin (PACTE)
  • Stéphane Sadoux (AECC)


Initials Full Name
HP2 Hypoxie : Physiopathologie Cardiovasculaire et Respiratoire
PACTE Politiques publiques, Action politique, Territoires
AE&CC Architecture, Environnement et Cultures constructives
LIG Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble
IAB Institut pour l'Avancée des Biosciences
AGEIS Autonomie, Gérontologie, E-santé, Imagerie & Société
LETI Laboratoire d'électronique et de technologie de l'information
BGE Biologie à Grande Échelle
CHUGA Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire Grenoble Alpes

Published on April 30, 2018