Events & News

  • Hypoxia, exercise and the brain: insight from elite free divers and high altitude native populations
    on the November 22, 2019
    Conférence présentée par le professeur Phil Ainslie (University of British Columbia - Okanagan, Canada) le 22 novembre à 20h. Comment fait-on pour retenir sa respiration pendant 22 minutes et 22 secondes ? Comment vit-on en permanence à des altitudes supérieures à 4000m ?
  • Séminaire "Trajectoire de santé"
    on the September 27, 2019
    Le projet Life et l'exploration des déterminants des trajectoires de santé : l'exemple de l'accès aux soins. La séance aura lieu le vendredi 27 septembre, de 12h à 14h, sur le campus de l'UGA, au Bâtiment Michel Dubois (ex-BSHM), salle B7 (rez-de chaussée - aile B)
    on the September 16, 2019
    In a remote Andean mining town, scientists are studying how life at extremely low oxygen levels ravages the body
  • Kick-off Meeting SENSAPNEA
    on the July 9, 2019
    The SENSAPNEA Kick-off Meeting took place in Grenoble, on July 9th and was the opportunity for the Consortium partners to get to know each other, to focus on the project framework and on the organizational perspectives related to this exciting and innovating project
  • Colloque national : Renoncement et accès aux soins : de la recherche à l’action
    from June 6, 2019 to June 7, 2019
    L'Odenore et le régime général de l'Assurance maladie organisent les 6 et 7 juin un colloque national sur Renoncement et accès aux soins : de la recherche à l’action, 5 années de collaboration Assurance Maladie/Odenore à la cité des sciences et de l'industrie de Paris
  • Global Challenges Science Week: International interdisciplinary days of Grenoble Alpes
    from June 3, 2019 to June 6, 2019
    The first edition of the Global Challenges Science Week 2019 will take place from June 3rd to 6th, 2019 in the World Trade Center of Grenoble.
  • Postdoc opportunity: Toward noninvasive arterial pressure measurement system. CEA LETI, 18 months
    on the October 9, 2018
    LIFE project is seeking for a talented individual for postdoc opportunity for 18 months position in CEA LETI.Read more in job description and apply now!
  • Cohort Representation and Exploration
    on the September 21, 2018
    The LIFE paper 'Cohort Representation and Exploration’ by Behrooz OMIDVAR-TEHRANI from LIG team has been awarded as the Best Research Paper of IEEE DSAA 2018. The paper presents CORE, a data-driven framework for medical cohort representation and exploration.
  • Interview of Hélèna Revil in Le Monde
    from July 6, 2018 to July 7, 2018
    Why is non take up of social rights a concern ? Read more in “Les Décodeurs” on Le Monde website
  • Big data ESADA meeting in Palermo
    on the June 19, 2018
    A two days meeting has been organized in Palermo by the European Sleep apnea database (ESADA) consortium addressing the topic of "big data in Obstructive sleep apnea".
  • The exposome project : first results
    on the May 28, 2018
    Emie Seyve from IAB team Slama will present the very first results of the exposome project, developed in LIFE, during the annual EGEA meeting in Paris on June 4-5 under the supervision of Valérie Siroux
  • (French) Santé : équité ou égalité ? Définir, mesurer, agir
    on the May 24, 2018
    La justice sociale est au cœur du débat entre égalité et équité en santé. Comment assurer à toutes et tous un état de santé optimal ? Est-ce en développant des solutions d’accès aux soins et aux services universelles ou ciblées envers certaines populations ? Est-ce en modifiant la répartition des ressources qui sous-tendent les inégalités sociales de santé ? Et comment détermine-t-on ce qui est juste ?
  • Mandibular advancement devices versus Continuous Positive Airway Pressure for sleep apnea treatment
    on the April 25, 2018
    We will be honoured to host Pr. Peter CISTULLI from the University of Sydney for a conference on April 25th from 1pm to 2pm. The conference, entitled “Mandibular advancement devices versus continuous positive airway pressure for sleep apnea treatment”, will be held in Cyclamen room, RdC Haut, CHU Grenoble Alpes.
  • LIFE Annual Meeting
    on the January 12, 2018
    The LIFE's Annual meeting will be held on Friday January 12th, 2018 in the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme on the university campus, with the exceptional participation of Prof. Tim Townshend Deputy Head of School and Director of Planning and Urban Design Newcastle University.
  • CRISH – Course in Grenoble, December 11th and 12th
    from December 11, 2017 to December 12, 2017
    CRISH (Co-CReating Innovative Solutions for Health) main objective is to bring together key stakeholders of the health sectors, including patients, who will learn to co-create innovative processes, products or services that will promote/improve the health of populations through the identification of unmet needs.
  • Daghstul Seminar “Connecting Visualization and Data Management Research”
    from November 12, 2017 to November 17, 2017
    What prevents analysts from acquiring wisdom from data sources? To use data, to better understand the world and act upon it, we need to understand both the computational and the human-centric aspects of data-intensive work. In this Dagstuhl Seminar, we will establish the foundations for the next generation of data management and visualization systems by bringing together these two largely independent communities
  • Seminar "San-Te" Health & territories
    from November 2, 2017 to November 3, 2017
    Dans le cadre du CDP LIFE et du programme 'Summer schools' de l'IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes, le LabEx AE&CC organise un colloque international portant sur les enjeux liés à la santé en milieu urbain le 2 et 3 novembre 2017 à l'auditorium du Musée de Grenoble.
  • Sleep as a modulator of aging and cardiovascular diseases
    on the September 16, 2017
    HP2 delegation supports advanced sleep apnoea research during joint research meeting in Créteil on the 16th September 2017
  • Innovative projects on open data and health trajectories.
    on the September 15, 2017
    LIFE delegation will participate in the next event organised by Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations on September 15th in Grenoble to share insights with innovative projects on open data and health trajectories.
  • LIFE at MedFIT convention
    from June 28, 2017 to June 29, 2017
    LIFE will be represented at the next MedFIT conference in Grenoble Come to meet us and get to know more about the project.
  • Kick-Off meeting LIFE (is MaDE of Choices)
    on the March 17, 2017
    On March 17, the kick-off meeting of LIFE project initiated crucial debate around trajectories of multimorbid chronic diseases in social, urban and environmental context.Key contributing data sources were presented along with computational toolbox. This successful meeting was the opportunity to draw the roadmap towards the observatory of health trajectories modulators.
  • Recruiting for LABEX AE&CC
    AECC team seeks a talented postdoc to work on environmental, urban and health data